Thursday, October 25, 2007

H is for .......

well, Harry of course. It's been a somewhat Harry week in the news this week. First we get the news that Dumbledore is gay. OK, was anyone
really surprised by that fact? For some reason it just made me smile rather than be in shock. More of an "Oh, yeah, that's it. Oh, OK, let's continue on then shall we?" It makes me like Dumbledore even more (although it does make the Potter Puppet Pal's Dumbledore with nakey time all that much funnier!) There is a funny little article in the LA Times that I got a good chuckle over. 7 clues that Potter's Dumbledore was gay.

And the other Harry story in the news was story of Harry Potter books being banned from a Catholic private school in Boston Story can be read here. The excuse by the priest who made the decision (with no input by parents or other staff) was that the books were filled with sorcery and witchcraft. sigh. I wonder if the Lord of the Rings is also banned at this school. What about Sleeping Beauty? The Chronicles of Narnia? Those stories have sorcery and witchcraft in them. Oh, right, but the Chronicles of Narnia was a metaphor for Jesus and Tolkein was a "good Catholic." And of course in Sleeping Beauty, the witch was BAD, let's not take into consideration that the fairies that saved Aurora's life used their own form of sorcery. Try as I might I have yet to get the lights turned on by saying Lumos. No matter how loud I yell it and point my knitting needles at the switch. And the last time I locked myself outside the door I had to break in the house. Alohamora just didn't do the trick. No one is learning witchcraft from J.K. Rowling's books. If anything they are learning Latin and Greek! Is that such a bad thing?

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