Thursday, October 18, 2007


Our town has been battered by tornadoes today. They say it isn't over yet. I was at the public radio station this morning to answer phones (please support your local public radio!) and was coming home enjoying a nice piece of music when the emergency alert came on warning of a tornado that would be passing over my house in 7 minutes. GREAT! I was 3 minutes from the house, ran in and nearly tripped over the kids who were lined up in the hallway (yay for Daddy hearing the radio and springing into action.) We've had four tornado warning already today with more expected through the night.
This is where the tornado started as two, but fortunately combined into one. Twin twisters racing through a town causes SO much more destruction.

You can see some video of the tornados at the Pensacola News Journal website. Now what I want to know is why these people were outside during a tornado warning filming these monsters!?!

Keep safe everyone!

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SabrinaT said...

That brought back memories of Oklahoma, and huge tornados. Glad everone was safe!!