Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Introducing the family

I suppose I should introduce the members of this family that you will read about. First we have Me. I'm Mom Mom is 42yo and trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. Then there is Dad. Dad is also 42yo and has figured out what he wants to do when he grows up (play with computers). He'd just like to do it on his own terms. It's his goal to eventually work for himself.

The kids are:

Gothgirl who is almost 15 and tends to spend her days sleeping and her nights haunting the internet and chatting up a storm on her cell phone. Thank the gods that her best friends are all on the same network! Gothgirl has some gorgeous art and has a very creative view through the camera lens. She also can write quite well and has found a love of working in the kitchen. While I call her Gothgirl, she is much more the "happy bright" goth rather than the emo sullen teen goth. And she wears blue black hair much better than I ever could!

Next is Boo. Boo turns 12 on Friday. Boo likes things that blow up, are on fire or involved sharp metal objects. She isn't really macbre as it may seem. She's also my child most likely to grow up and be an 18th century pirate. She also takes gymnastics and enjoys cartwheels. Boo has been Boo since she was born. She loved Monsters Inc because there was a Disney character with her name. We like Boo too! Boo is also quite gothic and loves most of the same music as Gothgirl. She's my child who also adores CSI and L&O:SVU.

And then there is The Boy. The Boy isn't horrid. He isn't even bad. He's just "The Boy." His days are filled with computers, video games and cooking. He wants to be a cook when he grows up and that would be fine with me. He started a garden in his bedroom (don't ask) and his sole purpose of having this garden is so that he can eat the produce. Has nothing to do with nurturing, getting back to nature or enjoying plant life. It's all about cooking. Yesterday he made leomonade. He doesn't even like lemonade. But we had fresh lemons and he wanted to make leomonade so we got out the citrus press and pitcher and made lemonade. It's pretty good too.


kitten said...

It's cool to get to know the you and who is behind you. I'm glad your son has a passion for cooking. That speaks very well of him. You little girl seems cool too. It's good that she likes to write. She may even write a book someday. Writing is another good way of expressing who you are. I'm glad your a person that let's your kids be theirself.
(The reason the cooking part stuck out to me was I have always loved to cook myself and I think it's a good way to express yourself)

shirleyhill said...

I love your family profile. Pretty cool. A child that likes to write? Ah there's a rarity in every home. I need her to have an in-service with my girls!!

Mel. said...

Shirley, not sure how old your girls are, but if they are teens, have them check out It's an online community of artists and there are tons of teens on there who are writing. Gothgirl loves to write at fanfic too. That is a website where people are writing in the style of their favorite books. Lots of Harry Potter Fan Fic and movie fan fics. It's a great way to get kids interested in writing. You have to be a bit careful on fan fic as there are some adult themed genres and writers. Nothing erotica, but fairly close sometimes (hot steamy romance novel vice erotica - although sometimes those are hardly much different LOL!)

Gothgirl also writes lots of alternate song lyrics to her favorite bands' songs. It's a really cool way to see their creativity blossom. I buy the 10 packs of spiral notebooks they have out this time of year and the kids just fill them with their writings, drawings and doodlings (and me with lists of things I need to do!)