Monday, August 13, 2007


And then some. The heat index for Saturday was 126°F! Yes; one hundred twenty-six degrees!! That's like Phoenix hot! Today isn't much better as the heat index is supposed to be over 110°F. UGH!! I would stay home all day, but have to pick E up at the airport. I'm trying to think of things that we can do indoors with limited outside activity. It doesn't help that K is having a flare up with his allergies and is all croupy. Have no idea what set that off. We may go down to the T. T. Wentworth Museum as it is free and air conditioned. Maybe even over to the Pensacola Museum of Art on Tuesday as it is free and there is a showing of Matisse that I think E would like to see. And there is always the dollar theater, but we have seen everything we want there. Although Surf's Up may get another viewing from us as E hasn't seen it and it is rather funny (Chicken Joe is my hero!)

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