Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Daemon

We are in the midst of read the Golden Compass. It is a lovely book. We went today to check out the movie website and you can choose your own daemon on it. Mine became a chimpanzee named Elleron. K became a fox, but M wants to wait until she finishes the book to find her daemon. E doesn't know we are reading the book yet (she's out of town.)

Oh and if anyone knows how to change the dimensions of the blog templates so that I have more room and less borders I would appreciate it. I used to be html saavy, but it was years ago and technology has changed. (Say it isn't so!)


Holly said...

O.k., I would love to claim to be html knowledgable, but I know nothing. However, all that I know, I got from . There's a forum there called knittyfolk in blogland, and a subject in there called "changing your blogger template." I cut and paste this from that. There's a ton of pages (10 I think) of stuff to do.

Ok today we're going to widen you're posting area while keeping your blog browser friendly. Using your template from the first post, we're going to go step by step with notes.

1. Scroll down to: /* Content

Under that headline you'll find this:

#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {
#sidebar {
HTH. This may be for old blogger, but I think I used it with new blogger too.

Mel. said...

Thanks, Holly. And now I just realized that I put in the link to our homeschooling blog instead of the link to my knitting blog! LOL!! I'll keep tinkering with it. Maybe eventually I'll just relent and change templates all together.

redmoonbev said...

Good to see you are getting into the Golden Compass and daemons :-) bev

Mel. said...

We are actually fighting over who gets to read it. I think we better keep it a secret so when E returns she won't feel she has a right to it as well. It's bad enough with two of us trying to read the same book.