Thursday, August 23, 2007

House inspection is over!

Why didn't someone tell me that the home inspector wasn't going to look in the closets, under the sink, in the pantry, under the beds and in the refrigerator? If I had known that I would have just shoved everything into the aforementioned empty spaces and closed the doors! But, the house is clean and things are pretty close to where they belong. We have a long way ahead of us in the clutter-busting field, but considering I filled my van with a combination of recycling and stuff for Goodwill (which I also took and delivered to the recycling center and the Goodwill Donation Door) it feels much better. We will find out Monday how much the house is appraised for. Oh and he only measured two rooms and took pictures of three.

OK, that's over. Big deep cleansing breath and we are off to Barnes and Noble for a much deserved mental break before we throw ourselves into our next project (our SCA event this weekend (where I'm head cook.)

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