Monday, August 6, 2007

Math, you see

After the kids asking for some "real math" we did an exploration of various math curricula to figure out what we wanted. I had this fear that they were all going to want something different and I would have to learn three different math styles. Didn't happen. They all wanted Math-U-See Yay!! One vendor. Our local homeschool convention was this weekend and while I wasn't interested in any of the seminars (I'm not new to homeschooling and don't need to find out how to make God appear in every lesson we do) I did want to see what curriculum dealers were there. I struck gold in that the Math-U-See folks were there and it is tax free week in Florida! Wee, that meant no tax and no shipping. An almost $30 savings.

We walked around a bit more. Most of the big Christian sales people were there (although, not oddly, Abeka wasn't there, but they do publish here so I guess they have no interest in promoting their work to those already familiar with it). BJU, Konos, Sonlight, etc. There was one science table there, but it was so crowded we never got to get a good look. Plus they sold live dissection kits (OK, they aren't live, but they aren't fake either) and I don't want to support that. I see no reason why school-aged children need to cut open frogs, cats, and fetal pigs to learn anatomy. Heck, I don't even see why college-aged people need to do dissection unless they are going into some sort of medical field. I had wanted to talk to the people at Bread Beckers but I never could get anyone's attention. It wasn't that they were all busy with customers but that they were all busy baking bread or cutting samples or stocking shelves. After several loud "Excuse me's" I decided they weren't interested in selling anything and moved on. I talked with my friend Rose who had her booth, there and she said mostly they were only talking to people who seemed to want to buy their breadmakers, grain mills and other expensive kitchen machines. Weird. I had wanted to ask them about their bulk whole grains and flours. Oh well. I have other resources.

We came home and the kids instantly wanted to "do math!" Woot. So we dug out the DVD's, got out the books, sharpened pencils and went to town. They've done 2 lessons each of the past two days and I'm not worried about them getting burned out on math. We are having fun discovering ships and figuring out what we want to study. E is gone for the next week, so maybe she will come up with some ideas while she is off partying in the "Big City."

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