Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's still HOT!

I am so tired of the heat. We've been so very hot for the entire month of August. Temperatures well into the upper 90's with heat indeces well over 100°F. I hate summer as it is but add in super heat like this and it just makes me melt. The ONLY positive thing about the heat is that this high pressure system that has kept us in this heat bubble kept that monster hurricane Dean from moving into the northern gulf and hitting the US.

Yesterday we went to the dollar theater and watched Pirates of the Carribbean 3. I laugh harder everytime I see it. If it weren't for the growing pile of laundry I would go again today just for something to do rather than sit around the house. Of course Boo loves it that Elizabeth became the Pirate King. There was an article that The Dad sent to me yesterday from CNN via Mental Floss about The most successful pirate being a woman. Beauty, brains and the most booty. Saavy?

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kitten said...

Girl! It has been record hot here as well. We have been hitting over the 100 mark with heat index of 115. I'm glad we finally got a little rain, but still "HOT"
Glad ya'll can enjoy the $1 movie!