Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wanna buy my house?

I'm serious. I would love it if someone would just magically appear at my door and say, "Oooo, this is the perfect house for our family!" It is a great family house. It has 4 modest (not too small not too big) bedrooms with ample closet space in each. It has 2 baths and only 1 tub (way less work, although we joke about having to leave the shower to turn around). The best part is all the living spaces. There is a nice sized living room, a dining room with an L shaped bar, a "music room" which I think is supposed to be the formal dining room, but it seems a weird place for a dining room so it houses our piano (heck, I'll throw the piano in for free if you buy the house), violin, records, guitar, penny whistles, and various percussion instruments. There are two bonus rooms to that. One is built into the garage and is a LARGE room that we call "the Hobby room" There is the laundry room in there which turns the room into an L and one leg of the L is where all my craft stuff is (tons of shelves!). The pantry is also located in here. The other bonus room is a finished in sunroom. It has six glorious windows that look out into the rolling backyard. The yard has a wonderful secluded feel thanks to all the ancient oaks and overgrown azaleas, even though it is in the middle of a built up neighborhood. The backyard is sunny enough for having a garden or maybe a few chickens. There is a paved basketball pad in the backyard (although Hurricane Dennis took out the goal post) and (interestingly) there is a sidewalk in the backyard so your little wee ones could ride their scooters and tricycles back and forth all day in the safety of your own back yard. We never hear the neighbors. It really is a great house. If it were in another place we wouldn't be selling it.

We just long to move back to Oregon so badly and this house is the one thing keeping us here. We hate the heat. We hate the humidity. We hate the hurricanes. We hate having summer 9 months out of the year. Any homeschool family that wants to live on the central gulf coast would love this house with all its shelves and closet space and nooks. It's central to so much of what Pensacola has to offer! So you want to buy my house?

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kitten said...

I love the story of the ship. Hope ya'll can find you a home as lovely as yours sound. Sorry I'm happy where I'm at and content with my home.
Good luck!
kitten(from TDJ)