Friday, August 10, 2007

"These are silly questions!"

It's been fun watching M and K work through word problems in their math stuff. They are perplexed that the math problems don't take into account variables. Some highlights from this past week:

Q: If Mrs. Smith wants to buy all of her children new bicycles for Christmas and she has 8 children how many wheels will be under her tree?
A: Trees don't have wheels.

Q. If Tommy eats 2 apples every day, how many apples would he eat in a week?
A1. How do I know? What if Tommy doesn't want an apple one day or what if one of his two apples gets bruised? What happens if Tommy's sister eats one of his apples instead? Mom, there just isn't enough information here.
A2. Really bad poop. You shouldn't eat so many apples each day. You'll get bad poop.

Q. If Anne's rabbit has 2 babies and Jane's rabbit has 4 babies how many baby rabbits will they have?
A. Obviously the authors of this book have not studied the Fibonacci sequence or they would know that they could end up with a more rabbits than 6!

Math's going well otherwise and I'm getting a kick out of word problems.


redmoonbev said...

What wonderful comments! Just the kind my ds makes.
We are thinking about getting an online maths course, but not decided yet.

Mel. said...

We are really enjoying Math-U-See. They are both flying through it and really understand the concepts. They are presented much better than I could explain them and I am learning a bit more about understanding numbers as well!